Hiya Stranger!

Well, I haven’t posted on here in awhile. Who even browses through Tumblr nowadays, with Pinterest and other social media out there? Anyways, though I’d give my fingers some exercise regardless. 

I had a rough 2012. Glad that year is over. 2013 has many major events yet to unfold, and planning is only beginning to start. 2013 is when I experience adult life after college -___- 

Not a fan so far. Seeking a career and finding someone to take a chance on you is very challenging. The roles I would like to hold require some experience I do not have, yet not hard to learn. Everyone I know seems to be progressing in their life, reaching goals and doing what they love. That’s what best about my life and those who I associate myself with. I’m extremely proud and sincerely happy for my friends who, although we might not talk as much, are accomplishing what they wanted out of life. I hope to say the same for myself by the end of this year. 

2013 will be better, healthier, and exciting =) 


What she said.


What she said.

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Credit to Abi from girlsarethenewboys.com

We accept excuses even when we don’t believe them, and settle for less than we settled for to begin with. Because our hearts are too kind, and too optimistic, and too willing that we see the potential of a man rather than what is right before our very eyes.

…to compromise the very things that make us women just to be able to act like a man, is one of the most stupid things a woman could ever do.

^^ this is the truth. It’s like she knows what I’m going through…

People no longer strive to be happy, they simply settle with being the least unhappy. They think it could always be worse, but fail to remember that it can always be better.


What a revelation

Because it takes a few assholes (or in my case a BUNCH) to direct you towards the really good men. Sometimes, it takes being lied to and cheated on to realize that you deserve honesty and love. If you can’t recognize the red flags of an asshole, you’ll never raise the white flag for the good guy and allow him to sweep you off your feet. You gotta cry because it hurts, until there’s only enough left to cry because you’re so fucking happy you just might explode. I don’t know a single woman happily in love today, that’s never been devastatingly heart broken before. So go get yourself an asshole. Feel stupid and naive and psycho over them, so that you can feel happy, and grateful for the nice guy. No one ever plans on falling in love with an asshole. By the time we realize a mans true colors, it’s too late. But it’s never too late to let a good guy treat you the way a good woman deserves to be treated.


I couldn’t have said it any better. You gotta go through the worse to recognize and appreciate the best